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The Employer-Supported Wellness Network Champion is a volunteer position that will be responsible for managing and leading social connections to create a lasting culture of health within organizations.

An employee wellness champion network is a group of employees who work together to improve the health and culture of the workplace in conjunction with an employer-sponsored workplace health management program. H
elping people enjoy the benefits of living longer in the 21st Century by socially connecting with others through the program and helping to educate co-workers about internal and external program offerings. 

What does it take to be an Employee Wellness Network Champion?

An employee wellness champion does not have to work in benefits or human resources, or have any special health care training.    Nor does a wellness champion have to be the epitome of health and wellness.   The one essential characteristic a wellness champion does have to possess is a passion for improving their health.   Whether a champion aims to lose weight, manage their diabetes, become more active, stop smoking, or has already achieved their health goal; a champion needs to believe in the value of health improvement and be willing to support corporate health initiatives while sharing both their passion and experience with others.

A wellness champion network leverages the power of social connections to profoundly shape lives for the better.

In every aspect of life we find ourselves influenced by our surroundings.  We adapt to the way things are done at work, school, in the community where we live, and even in our social groups.   Our surroundings and the people we interact with influence how we act and how we spend our time.   This isn’t just an idea.  Science has shown that time and time again this can happen – for better or worse.

Considering that the average adult spends a substantial amount of their waking hours at work, it’s easy to see why it’s important to create a healthy workplace culture and a healthier workforce.  Some employers are doing this by capitalizing on the power of social connections and personal relationships in the workplace by implementing wellness champion networks.

What successful employers are doing to create best-in-class wellness champion networks.

Based upon studies, high-quality wellness networks have the following attributes:

  • Network is composed of individuals, who want to be and enjoy a wellness champion;
  • Individuals who serve as a wellness champion are supported by their supervisor;
  • Wellness champions meet and network regularly with program leadership and other champions
  • Wellness champions are provided the opportunity to recognize one another’s accomplishments
  • Wellness champion network has sufficient leadership support to develop over a number of years
  • Effective communication occurs amongst wellness champions, program leadership and other employees.
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